Vitamin D Drops Review

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Vitamin D is crucial for maintaining balanced health. Alarmingly, an estimated 40 percent of US adults are deficient. Also, according to a study reported in The Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, more than 40 percent of children were reported to have insufficient Vitamin D levels. The first and best source of Vitamin D is the sun. However, many people are not spending enough time in the sun (especially in cold weather climates). For many people, Vitamin D supplements are necessary.

There are two types of Vitamin D, D2 or D3. The best bet for supplements are D3 drops because the Vitamin D is converted in the body in just the same way that the body converts sunlight to produce Vitamin D (both products reviewed below are D3 drops).

D3 can be found in many different forms and there are an endless supply of supplements. In my article, Vitamin D Supplement Guide, I go into the pros and cons of various options available.

For this review, I can only tell you what my family and I have tried and give my honest opinion of the products. My reviews are as follows:

Ddrops Baby 400 IU, Vitamin D, 90 drops 2.5mL (0.08 fl.oz)

Ddrops Baby 400 IU, Vitamin D, 90 drops 2.5mL (0.08 fl.oz)

Ddrops Baby 400 IU. Coconut oil is the only other ingredient. These drops were a pleasant find for me as a new mother when my daughter was born. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories from moms about some pediatricians giving sample out of junk drops full of artificial ingredients. These are pretty much flavorless and good for the whole family. (One drop for baby, two drops for mom!)


Carlson Labs Carlson Laboratories Super Daily D3 for Baby 400IU Supplement, 10.3 ml, 0.35 Fluid Ounce

Carlson Labs Super Daily D3 for Baby 400IU. This brand gives you more drops per bottle (365 versus 90) and more bang for your buck. Two additional ingredients appear in this formula, coconut oil and palm oil. Like the other drops above, taste seems to be almost non existent.

Have you used any the recommended Vitamin D drops or another type? Let us know below!


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