Atlantic Salmon Sources

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Where does Atlantic salmon come from? The sources may surprise you. Many have assumed the fish to come straight from the Atlantic. If you have a picture in your mind of a wild caught fish, you are not alone.

What is Atlantic salmon?

Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar ) refers to a species of fish. Ordering Atlantic Salmon offers no guarantee that it is wild caught or from the Atlantic. In fact, you can almost bank on the fact that it is not, unless otherwise stated.

Where is wild Atlantic salmon found?

Wild salmon is mostly found in North American and European Rivers, as well as the Pacific.

If Atlantic salmon is not “wild caught”, then where does it come from?

Any seafood that is not wild caught is farm raised. “Farm raised” sounds about as wholesome as “wild caught”, doesn’t it? However, farm raised fish is a recipe for disaster, being grown in completely unsanitary conditions. The waters are polluted with pesticides and bacteria. The disinfectant and antibiotic residues left in farming operations can cause an unknown number of health problems and lead to antibiotic resistance. Contaminates in the water are consumed by the fish. What the fish consumes, you consume.  Farmed fish are better left unconsumed.

Where are most Atlantic salmon farms located?

Two-thirds of farmed salmon sold in the US come imported from Norway, Chile, Canada and Chile. Five large companies now produce more than half of the world’s farmed Atlantic salmon. However, Chile is the main supplier of Atlantic salmon to the US market.

More to Consider

An estimated two thirds of wild Atlantic salmon in North America and Europe are endangered.The Monterey Bay Aquarium in California recommends wild Alaskan salmon as an alternative.

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